Service Page

Rondvaart Leeuwarden is, first and foremost, a provider of boating service to customers whether individuals or companies. We have been working alongside other cruise providers in all of the Netherlands and have continuously made connections with these businesses to make the industry better and more, shall we say, interconnected. When you are in Leeuwarden, your boating service partner is us. Rondvaart Leeuwarden is known for the quality of service and the accommodation that we give our customers. We are one of the leading companies in terms of customer reviews and satisfaction. Just like in dating sites, we want to show excellence in every aspect of our business.

Boating service

We want to give the best possible boating service available for you in Leeuwarden. We are, relatively, a small company in terms of the number of people and the number of boats that we offer. But we continue to innovate and expand our portfolio by purchasing new boats and cruise ships as well as hiring and training new personnel. We always strive to be the best in the business. And this will push us to go farther and aim higher as we give boating services to you, our customers.

Our website

If you have visited sites like ematching or elitedating, you will find that their services include responding to queries of customers and return clients. What sets our company apart from everybody else is that we have a team that answers questions in emails and phone calls from people who are interested in experiencing our services.

We do not want you to wait long if you have questions in mind. This is why we launched a 24/7 campaign that aims to accommodate all of our customers whether they want to book a boat, ask a question, or just interact with us. We are open to everything that you want to inquire of us.